We have over 20 years experience producing compelling stories and beautiful visuals, from the ground and air.


VISIONCO was founded by award-winning film maker Dave Kwant
and evolved from West Coast Film.

Established as the market leaders on the West Coast and with years of broadcast and commercial experience new collaborations began across New Zealand.

The result was VISIONCO.


At VISIONCO we keep things simple - focussing on creating videos that deliver for our clients.


Our small efficient crews ensure your budget creates value whilst ensuring high quality professional work.

Meet some key members of the team...


Dave Kwant

Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Dave has been shooting and making films for over 20 years. He's won film festival awards shot for news organisations, TV shows and had a number of his own films broadcast.


Robyn Janes

Producer, Director, Writer

Robyn is an award-winning journalist experienced in print, radio and television.  In 2009 she was Qantas television journalist of the year and in 1997 she was named New Zealand’s top radio journalist.


Jase Blair

Photography, Assistant Camera

Jase is an award winning photographer passionate about NZIPP qualified commercial photography, UAV based aerial photos, video, graphic & web design, illustration, and photo-manipulation


Tim Kwant

Musician, Music Producer

Tim is a trained musician based in Glasgow Scotland. He writes and performs music with his band Tongues and also works as a music producer and composer producing bespoke soundtracks and mixes for videos and films.


Pricing will vary for every project but we hope that some of the pricing below will help you create a realistic budget.

There are many variables that can affect pricing but good planning and realistic expectations will always give you a good result



These rules of thumb are a good starting point for a simple shoot with some steadycam and perhaps a couple of drone shots:

For a finished video 3 minutes or less - allow $1500+ per finished minute,
for finished videos 5 minutes or longer - allow $1000+ per finished minute


4K Camera Kit + DP starts at $1100

4K Camera Kit + DP + Ronin Steadycam gimbal starts at $1350

DJI Inspire2 X5s Drone (shooting HVEC) + Pilot starts at $1200

DJI Inspire2 X5s Drone (shooting Raw) + Pilot starts at $2200

4K Camera Kit + DJI Inspire2 X5s (shooting HVEC) + DP is $1700

4K Camera Kit + Ronin + DJI Inspire2 X5s (shooting HVEC) + DP is $1800

4K Camera Kit + Ronin + DJI Inspire2 X5s Raw + DP is $2800

Video Edit Studio - Mac with Resolve/FCPX/Premiere + Editor is $1000

all prices exclude GST